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SkyOS Just a few days after Mono got ported to SkyOS, SkyOS now has support for System.Windows.Forms. A screenshot of the first C# application using System.Windows.Forms developed in and for SkyOS is available at the SkyOS website. Support is not complete yet, obviously.
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RE: Make ur own
by umccullough on Fri 17th Feb 2006 19:57 UTC in reply to "Make ur own"
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I know this is flamebait - but I must respond.

There really is nothing inherently "Microsoft-only" about .NET and the C# language. If you look at the class structure, it matches Java more than it does anything else.

Windows.Forms IS somewhat microsoft-centric, but .NET and Mono do not require this for development. You can just as easily write your software using GTK# and then have all windows users install GTK# in order to use your software. Windows.Forms compatibility on other OSes just makes it easier to write cross-platform software like Java is capable of.

Also, a clarification, this is not a port of .NET - it is a port of Mono - which is a 100% re-implementation of the .NET CLR, c# compiler, and .NET class libraries. That is kinda like saying that GCC is a port of Microsoft's Visual C++ compiler - or open-source Java VM's are a port of Sun's JVM.

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