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Windows "I've been looking at the 'My desktop OS'-articles, and found that I'll have to be the one writing one for Windows XP. To be honest, Windowx XP is very close to being usable on the desktop. I say very close, because it's not so out of the box. There is a few issues, however and many of them arises when you need to reinstall. You do need to reinstall Windows from time to time - it's just a fact of life!"
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by philicorda on Fri 17th Feb 2006 21:38 UTC
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There is a strange phenomena I have noticed.
It's that after I've used another OS like Linux for a year or so, then come back to a Windows machine, the Windows machine seems unreliable.

What's strange is that the Windows OS has not become less reliable, but I'm so used to thinking in Linux terms that I trigger problems that never normally appear.

For instance, I needed a touchscreen driver for an XP box, but could only find a 2K one. Installing the 2K one made the machine blue screen on boot, safe mode or not. Now, in Linux I would have booted to a terminal and prevented the driver for being modprobed. In Windows, it was a monumentally stupid thing to install, as I have no idea how to remove a driver by hand. As it turned out, the 'driver' had replaced a few XP system files with old versions when I clicked on the installer, something a kernel module would not do. I'd been so long away from using Windows though, that this eventuality did not even cross my mind.

I also had forgotten the habit of unchecking the 'fill my computer with spyware' boxes when installing some shareware, which did not help. In the end a re-install was in order, and it was no fault of the OS.

Now, those are not a great examples really, but I hope it goes some way to explaining why Linux users sometimes have terrible problems with Windows. There is as much of a cultural difference as a technical one. It's easy to forget how much you unconciously have learnt about the best way to use Windows until you live without it for a while.

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