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Windows "I've been looking at the 'My desktop OS'-articles, and found that I'll have to be the one writing one for Windows XP. To be honest, Windowx XP is very close to being usable on the desktop. I say very close, because it's not so out of the box. There is a few issues, however and many of them arises when you need to reinstall. You do need to reinstall Windows from time to time - it's just a fact of life!"
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Sense of Security
by SmallPotato on Sat 18th Feb 2006 01:58 UTC
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I use Windows XP SP2 as the primary OS at work and at home. At home I share the PC with my sister. I use Firefox and she uses IE (she does not know Firefox at all). To my surprise, my machine does not have a single virus and spyware installed after more than 1 year of usage. I am a system administrator at office and have some knowledge regarding computer security and privacy. But my sister is merely a receptionist in her office, and have virtually no computer knowledge other than Microsoft Office. It is possibly because I taught her some sense of security in the past, as we both don't open untrusted links, don't visit malicious web site, and don't run unknown programs. Currently, I have no reason to format and reinstall my PC.

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