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IBM IBM has today presented various new versions of their G5 processor at the Power Everywhere Forum in Japan. Firstly, it introduced the much-anticipated PowerPC 970MP, the dual-core version of the G5. In addition, they also announced 3 low-power G5s, ranging from 1.2Ghz at 13W to 1.6Ghz at 16W. These processors will most likely find their way into Apple's Macs.
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In the same time that the 970 made it from 2.0GHz to 2.5GHz, the P4 made it from what - 3.2GHz to 3.7GHz? AMD is mentioning the clock speed in the fine print for quite a while.

The days of MHz counting are over. CPU battles are fought on bandwidth, multicore or power consumption. Workstation and Server CPUs (POWER, MIPS, Itanium or SPARC) have done this for quite a while, now it's the consumer grade hardware that's following.

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