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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku's Micheal Phipps has posted 20 reasons as to why he thinks Haiku is relevant. "Build all of the libraries that developers need into the OS and update them with an ultra-high quality build every year or two. No one likes to reload their OS and no one likes .dll or .so misery." Read on for the whole list.
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RE: Um no.
by mikehearn on Sat 18th Feb 2006 18:58 UTC in reply to "Um no."
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Right, that's why nearly every popular desktop app is written in C++:

* MS Office
* Photoshop
* Dreamweaver/Flash
* Virtually every commercial computer game made in the last 10 years
* Firefox
* Google Earth

etc etc. I guess the entire software industry are idiots, it's the only explanation ;)

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