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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku's Micheal Phipps has posted 20 reasons as to why he thinks Haiku is relevant. "Build all of the libraries that developers need into the OS and update them with an ultra-high quality build every year or two. No one likes to reload their OS and no one likes .dll or .so misery." Read on for the whole list.
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C++, concurrency
by transputer_guy on Sat 18th Feb 2006 19:45 UTC
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While I agree with most of the points on the list, I also find huge problems with C++. It is easy to get absorbed into OO and C++ textbooks about how wonderful OO & C++ are for solving real world problems but when the sh1t hits the fan its not so easy to build useful GUI apps that work right.

Take a look at the sample folder included with every BeOS extras folder and read the code for some small apps. Some of the code is pretty obvious but I suspect 95% is entirely unintuitive. Showimage for instance does very very little and yet is a 100K binary. When it takes so much code to build such small apps, what do you get, alot of half finished and abandoned apps like on BeBits. And that is BeOS Haiku real problem, too difficult to start from scratch to build your dream app without alot of investment in time to learn the kits that are of little use if you want cross platform versions.

I personally welcome any ports of kits used to bring in other OS apps whether .Net, gtk python, wx, whatever floats your boat. Finnished apps are infinitely more useful than half done apps done in the native kits.

My real gripe with C++ is concurrency, it has no support for the notion and the fact that multi cores like Niagara will be the norm in years to come and that BeOS is pervasively threaded only highlights this mismatch. While I am learning the kits it does seem that eash seems to be well thought out, but they take along time to master. If only there was an alternative to C++ with PAR built in with a native event model in the language but hosted by the OS. Such a language and kits should be portable across OSes, no one should be held captive to an OS. Such a language and kits should be able to find most of the needed hooks in most complete OSes. In away I really would have like to see the Be kits themselves made cross platform, I believe Gobe had achieved this goal before going away.

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