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Intel The Extensible Firmware Interface, which could speed the boot-up process for PCs, has been handed over to a group that will promote and standardize it.
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by transputer_guy on Wed 27th Jul 2005 11:06 UTC
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I recall this feature being available in Macs far beyond FW going back to scsi to scsi Mac connects, it wasn't always supported and seemed a bit iffy but did allow some Macs to turn in a plain HD, but FW/USB? would make that a breeze.

I have always been told (by FW vendors no less) that PCs can NOT boot FW, is that still true?

I see Bios's can boot USB x,y,z but never tried it yet.

I still wonder what 2GMips of computing actually does in the 1 or 2 mins booting to dest top this here dog does, probably bugger all. 25yrs ago 1Mips given 2000*2mins could have done an awefull lot.

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