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Windows Beta 1 of Windows Vista, formerly known as Longhorn, will be released coming wednesday. The download will be available to beta testers an hour after the official announcement.
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RE: Vista
by netpython on Wed 27th Jul 2005 12:02 UTC in reply to "Vista"
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I wonder what most people will think about all the stuff that's in Vista. If it's nothing remarkably better than what they have in XP

For a lot of people it doesn't matter that much and i doubt wether they are aware of alternatives.I think this will not change in generall at all when Vistas hit the shelves (bundles),not when the market-share doesn't change significantly.I hope OSX on Intel will break the barrier for the rest so we reach more attention.As soon as more people are aware of the benefits of OSS the OS usage landscape could change into something more interesting.

really don't know about how happy users will be to make the transition.

Do they have a choice when vista comes with a bought PC?

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