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Fedora Core "I use Fedora core daily and I've used every final release of Fedora since Yarrow (Fedora Core Release 1). When I get time, I also look at some of the test releases to see how Fedora is changing, and if there's one thing certain about Fedora, it's change. I decided to write this article to hopefully give people a chance to learn a little bit more about Fedora since the first release came to life back in November 2003, how the distro has matured and what to expect for Fedora Core release 5 in mid-March 2006."
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FC5T2 - nice, but some minor issues
by rklrkl on Sun 19th Feb 2006 10:04 UTC
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I installed Fedora Core 5 Test 2 pretty well as soon as it came out, but trying to keep it up-to-date is tricky (yum.conf points to Rawhide and they just finished a complete rebuild of the entire distro!). Here's my brief summary:

Good points:
* I like the new busy cursor (blue swirl animation).
* Azureus shipped as standard (though it gives me a Java traceback when I run it, it still fires up and works).
* Seems fast to boot, including being a bit quicker than FC4 to get into Gnome.

Bad points:
* SELinux still tends to break the occasional app, but understandable during the test phase of FC5.
* Log off... menu in Gnome no longer lets you shutdown or reboot, which is very strange. You have to log off, go back to the gdm screen and then shutdown/reboot from there (or you could just "su -" and shutdown/reboot as root of course). Note that KDE *does* let you shutdown/reboot from its Log off... menu option.
* New Suspend menu option on the Gnome main menu blanked the screen (inc. the monitor signal) and I couldn't resume at all - probably because I disabled stuff like acpi/apm (if those are disabled, it shouldn't offer a Suspend option).
* It's looking like gcc 4.1 final won't be out before FC5 final, so we could end up with a CVS gcc being used, which isn't generally a good thing.
* Default "number of mounts before forced fsck" setting seems very low to me (30? 40?) - never had this problem on any previous FC release. When you reboot every day (as many home users will) and you have some large (300-400GB) SATA drives with a lot of files, getting them fsck'ed for no reason every month or so (takes 10-15 mins on boot!) is annoying.
* Tried the KDE environment for a change and I wonder if it's a bit neglected - the old Fedora Core logo appears as the KDE splash screen for example (even though the new logo is used in the default wallpaper).

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