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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Ubuntu team has released Dapper Drake Flight CD4, the 4th alpha release on the way to the final release of Dapper Drake (which is now in upstream version freeze). Besides many cosmetic changes to the boot sequence, GDM, and GNOME in general, this release features Espresso (a live-CD installer), GNOME 2.14 Beta 2, and much more. The team has also included a 'very special and early gift' - Novell's Xgl and Compiz. Downloads for Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Edubuntu are in the release announcement.
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Why screw the login screen?
by Temcat on Sun 19th Feb 2006 15:25 UTC
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I seriously don't get this:

Do they really believe that REMOVING the Reboot and Shutdown commands from the GDM login screen actually SIMPLIFIES the interface?! To a power user it's one more needless click and mouse movement, and a novice user might even get confused: "How do I restart or turn off the damn thing?" To him this Options menu where they've hidden the commands would most likely be associated with configuring something.

This is a really stupid change. If they really want to have as few controls as possible, they could at least make an Action menu with Reboot, Shutdown, Suspend, and Hibernate commands, and a Preferences menu with Select Language, Select Session, and XDMCP Chooser options (I doubt that the latter is even needed). That way it would still require more clicks than necessary, but at least it would be more discoverable.

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