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Internet Explorer "Following a decision to release a standalone version of IE7, browser development at Microsoft has come fast and furious. BetaNews this week sat down with Gary Schare, Director of IE Product Management, to discuss the changes coming in IE7, Firefox's growth, and how Microsoft will bring RSS to the mainstream."
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No reason to change back to IE
by Yamin on Sun 19th Feb 2006 17:25 UTC
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Well I have the beta of IE7 installed. It would seem to do everything I want except for searching web pages. Find dialoges? How stupid, especially when their search bar makes you think it will search the page...but then boom that crappy find dialog appears.

I'm sure it has more security and has more standards support...but all that doesn't interest me much. I've grown comfortable with Firefox, and this IE doesn't really give me a reason to change.

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