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Legal This week, one of the most-commented stories on OSNews was the story about how 'Maxxus' cracked/hacked (take your pick) the Intel version of Apple's OSX once again. This sparked a lively debate over whether we should encourage Maxxus, or condemn his actions. I made myself clear from the get-go: I condemn his actions. Note: This is the Sunday Eve Column of the week.
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RE[2]: OS X sold is upgarde version.
by NeoX on Sun 19th Feb 2006 22:37 UTC in reply to "RE: OS X sold is upgarde version."
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There's a difference. When companies such as Microsoft, Novell, etc release an "upgrade" version it doesn't contain everything in the full release version. After all it's an upgrade, not a full OS installation.

Actually this is incorrect. While they are "upgrades" they are upgrades in License and install only. You can boot your computer from the WindowsXP Home Edition Upgrade CD. Once you satisfy the upgrade portion, you can Format and install a fresh copy of Window's XP. Microsoft's upgrades have been like this since at least Windows 98.

While Apple does not sell upgrades to there OS any longer you have to have a Mac to install it. The only upgrades I recall were the ones for OS X 10.0 to 10.1. But I concur it is a full version, you do not have to have a previous version of OS X to install it as you would an upgrade to WinXP.


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