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Intel "Many people in the industry assumed that Itanium had a low - and poor - profile among end users. That was what the folks at IDC assumed until recently, when they surveyed 500 members of their Enterprise Server Customer Panel. The results were somewhat surprising, they said. Not only was there a high level of awareness among the users - more than 80 percent knew of the platform - but that their intent to buy an Itanium system was fairly strong. About 24 percent of those polled said they had bought at least one Itanium system, though only 13 percent of non-HP users had done so. However, more than a third of all participants said they were highly likely to buy an Itanium system within the next 12 to 18 months."
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by transputer_guy on Sun 19th Feb 2006 23:13 UTC
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What a puff piece, this is in direct contrast to all the cancellation stories over the last few years.

I have little faith in EPIC, or VLIW, or predication and everything that Itanium stands for, but if you look at the giant die pics, its cost structure isn't as bad as the much smaller & cheaper x86 would suggest. They are almost entirely covered by repairable cache ram blocks so the yield isn't as low as the size would suggest, which means Intel can probably make as many as anyone wants and sit it out.

My own view of the future of efficient HPC computer architecture is diametrically opposite, much more in line with Niagara and even Tera MTA.

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