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Intel The Extensible Firmware Interface, which could speed the boot-up process for PCs, has been handed over to a group that will promote and standardize it.
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hard disk size limit
by evert on Wed 27th Jul 2005 13:51 UTC
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I remember all the tragedies with windows & bios playing together to limit your disk space. i still know a PC with a 60 GB hard disk, but windows can only use the first 8 GB because it uses the BIOS hard disk information. Linux does not have such problems because it does not use the BIOS info, but probes the IDE channels directly.

That's the best way to do it - make the BIOS as unneccesarry as possible.

Flash updates to the BIOS would be welcome, but are BIOS passwords the way to go? Weak passwords, BIOS password erasers, and people forgetting their password... No, maybe the OS should handle that. For system administrators, it would be nice to have the ability to flash BIOS remotely, for a complete network.

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