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Legal This week, one of the most-commented stories on OSNews was the story about how 'Maxxus' cracked/hacked (take your pick) the Intel version of Apple's OSX once again. This sparked a lively debate over whether we should encourage Maxxus, or condemn his actions. I made myself clear from the get-go: I condemn his actions. Note: This is the Sunday Eve Column of the week.
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It still may be illegal...
by NeoX on Mon 20th Feb 2006 02:46 UTC
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Just because violating the EULA doesn't necessarily mean that it is illegal. Hacking and or reverse engineering, and copy protection circumventing may be illegal and likely is... If you circumvent copy protection then aren't you violating the DMCA and thus breaking the law? This is according to Apple who has been serving notices to sites that promote or help users in this way.

Just a thought...


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