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Legal This week, one of the most-commented stories on OSNews was the story about how 'Maxxus' cracked/hacked (take your pick) the Intel version of Apple's OSX once again. This sparked a lively debate over whether we should encourage Maxxus, or condemn his actions. I made myself clear from the get-go: I condemn his actions. Note: This is the Sunday Eve Column of the week.
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RE: Great!
by AlexandreAM on Mon 20th Feb 2006 17:30 UTC in reply to "Great!"
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I don't think I can agree with the statement that "Code is meant to be broken by someone". And I sure do not agree with a +4 mod to something like that.

The writers of the software have their RIGHTS to decide how it can be used. You are NOT forced to buy their software, so dont say that "I bought it I can do whatever I want with it".

You can DO whatever you want with it. Whant to burn the disc ? fine. Delete all your copies ? Fine. but if you dont wanna use according to the rules that were there for you to see then return the software and get a refund (which is possible in most places I ever saw an EULA being applied).

I will probably be modded down because of this but... you know what...if such a statement of "My rights are bigger than everyones else" is modded up then being modded down is a compliment.


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