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NetBSD "The IEEE and The Open Group have granted permission to the NetBSD Foundation to incorporate more than 1400 interfaces from the joint IEEE 1003.1 POSIX standard and The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6 into its NetBSD operating system. This step benefits developers in the NetBSD Project and software engineers using NetBSD as their target platform. NetBSD developers can now use standard documentation to express that a NetBSD operating system conforms to the POSIX standard. The step also gives engineers who write software to run on NetBSD a better understanding of how to create portable programs using IEEE 1003.1."
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RE: "standard"?
by tchristney on Mon 20th Feb 2006 22:42 UTC in reply to ""standard"?"
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You don't have to get permission to implement a standard. But how will a customer know that you have implemented the standard, and done so correctly? Should they take your word for it? This allows NetBSD to not only implement the standard but to make the verifiable claim of POSIX conformance, with the verification coming from the POSIX authorities themselves.

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