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General Development "The introduction of new object-oriented programming features in PHP V5 has significantly raised the level of functionality in this programming language. Not only can you have private, protected, and public member variables and functions - just as you would in the Java, C++, or C# programming languages - but you can also create objects that bend at runtime, creating new methods and member variables on the fly. You can't do that with the Java, C++, or C# languages. This kind of functionality makes super-rapid application development systems, such as Ruby on Rails, possible."
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Rails and PHP
by Shane on Tue 21st Feb 2006 02:24 UTC
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I could just about predicted that a new RoR convert would have to post here in this thread and tell us all that RoR has changed their lives. Newsflash: yes, we've all heard about Rails by now. Some of us have also used it too. It's getting a bit to the point of how much linux gets mentioned in threads about other OSes.

Since Rails *has* been mentioned though, I'll suggest that people have a look at CakePHP ( if they want to have a similar framework, but one built on top of PHP. CakePHP was inspired by Rails, but the developers are evolving it separately. The framework is pretty young and things are still changing rapidly but I found that the framework is useable already.

There are other Rails-like PHP frameworks around, but I haven't tried them yet. Maybe someone could give us a comparison?

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