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Windows After months of maintaining that it had not yet finalized its Windows Vista line up, Microsoft seems finally to have decided upon a half dozen core Vista versions. According to a posting on its Web site, Microsoft is readying six core Vista packages, or SKUs, plus two additional releases customized for the European Union that won't bundle in Windows Media Player, as ordered by European antitrust regulators.
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by DrillSgt on Tue 21st Feb 2006 17:20 UTC in reply to "RE"
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"Start off, you bought a machine with XP installed and with OSX 10.0 installed. Now lets start from there."

Okay, I'll bite. I did buy a Mac with OS X installed. I did not buy a machine with Windows installed as I build my own machines.

Now, the different versions of OS X you listed are valid, but the discussion was on security updates and patches, NOT new OS with added functionality. Windows XP SP1 and SP2 were just security patches with no added functionality being given to the OS, so they should have been free, as are security updates and patches for Mac OS X. You are comparing full OS versions of OS X to security patches for Windows.

I can see your point though about value and preferences, as that is what the average user may see, as some people I have talked to believe that XP SP2 is actually a new Windows version, when it reality it is what it says it is, a security update and nothing more.

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