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Mac OS X "[Last week], we reported on a Trojan horse for Mac OS X that is just like the entry for Earth in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in that it is mostly harmless. A new vulnerability targeted at Apple's home-grown web browser, Safari, is another matter entirely. A German security firm appears to have been the first to discover the Safari flaw, which allows for shell scripts to be executed after clicking a link."
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the real deal
by TomB7 on Tue 21st Feb 2006 18:18 UTC
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This sounds like the first confirmed SCARY vulnerability. I would urge people to go to or someplace to learn how to lock down your system against Safari exploit.

The silver lining of the three attacks this week, only one could infect non-stupid users. And to see only one serious exploit 5 years after the launch of OSX is a really good track record. It is a good opportunity to close up these holes while marketshare is 5% instead of a few years down the road when share could be much higher.

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