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Mac OS X "[Last week], we reported on a Trojan horse for Mac OS X that is just like the entry for Earth in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in that it is mostly harmless. A new vulnerability targeted at Apple's home-grown web browser, Safari, is another matter entirely. A German security firm appears to have been the first to discover the Safari flaw, which allows for shell scripts to be executed after clicking a link."
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RE: Reality strikes back
by el3ktro on Tue 21st Feb 2006 19:13 UTC in reply to "Reality strikes back"
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Definitely not. Well I'm on Linux (Ubuntu), not on Mac. But hell, you can't just count the security flaws in this OS, the security flas in this other OS and compare the raw numbers. You also have to take into account the TYPE of security flaw - and then it looks pretty bad for Windows. A security flaw that is not exploitable remotely is often pretty "useless" for hackers, at last on home PCs where YOU are usually the only one sitting in front of it.

About MP3 Players: All of them work with Macintosh, because they all act as a standard USB harddisk which ANY OS can read/write today. I always get frustrated when I go to a shop and all the MP3 players say that hey hav Win2k or WinXP as a "system requirement", making people think that it doesn't work on Mac or with Linux. This is just stupid.

Mac is still much more secure and stable than Windows, and I doubt this will change anytime soon. And please don't mention the words "MS" and "compatibility" in one sentence ...


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