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IBM Scientists at IBM say they have figured out how to produce smaller and more powerful microchips than previously thought possible. It is hoped IBM's announcement at San Jose on Monday will mean the creation of miniscule microprocessors which will save the IT manufacturing sector billions of dollars. The breakthrough revolves around the distance between the circuit-lines chip makers must 'draw' onto the surface of a computer processor. IBM scientists declared they can now draw lines on silicon much closer together than ever before.
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RE[2]: Delaying the inevitable
by transputer_guy on Tue 21st Feb 2006 21:19 UTC in reply to "Delaying the inevitable"
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That paper tell me very little about how such magnetic domains could function as logic gates without me having to do more google research. I would almost class this as an April 1st paper but not so sure. The one good reference it gives to the IBM pdf looks reasonable but thats about using 10nm domain dots for storing data on disk drive surfaces & not logic so there is no way to figure this paper for now. I'd wait for more credible references before concluding anything from this.

For now Silicon based transistors have plenty more life in one form or another, and magnetic domains for storage has same.

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