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Mac OS X "[Last week], we reported on a Trojan horse for Mac OS X that is just like the entry for Earth in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in that it is mostly harmless. A new vulnerability targeted at Apple's home-grown web browser, Safari, is another matter entirely. A German security firm appears to have been the first to discover the Safari flaw, which allows for shell scripts to be executed after clicking a link."
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RE: Reality strikes back
by AquaRed on Tue 21st Feb 2006 22:14 UTC in reply to "Reality strikes back"
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"I have been a Mac addict since my "switch" 2.5 years ago.
I did so at the time because XP was encumbered with security flaws (SP2 wasn't out yet) and I was frustrated with my Windows machine's reliability.
As good as teh honeymoon was, I am now thinking about switching back once again. I read a report a few weeks ago that there were actually more security alerts for OSX in 2005 than for XP in the same period.
I am getting tired of not being able to run all the cool new "free" apps (ala Google Earth -this was soved recently- Picasa + Games), not being able to sync flawlessly my PocketPC, not having access to all the latest media subscription services (Vongo, Yahoo Unlimited etc..) or even being able to have PMP choices (with a Mac it's pretty much iPod or nothing).

My XP machine in the office seems to have comparable uptimes, no more security threats (at the moment) and all the apps.
Did I mention my office PC cost a full 3rd less than the equivalent Mac config? And yes this is a high spec PC, not your average Beige box (it's a Dell Precision 470 Workstation with Dual-Xeons, Gigs of Ram, SATA, multi-monitors etc..).

I am tired of being part of the "resistance" now; MSFT has shappened up and is looking mighty attractive.

Is anybody like me thinking of switching back now that Macs have lost their comparative advantages (security, reliability), and MSFT is playing strong on it strnghts (compatibility, convergence, innovation)?"

Are you sure you don't work for MS? Please a virus was bound to happen and the instant it appears then you want to just ship?

XP is still encumbered with security flaws. I think I get a critical update every freakin day!

Not being able to sync?!? Ummm is your pocketpc windows based os?

Ummm in regard to cost. I would like to see the receipt. I work at an institution that requires some serious computing power and if you got something at a 3rd the price then I am interested. The hardware is on par with pee cees and retain their value ALOT longer. Check ebay and such if you wanna see.

And I don't know anyone who would choose a computer to be part of a resistance because that is just plain dumb. Are you an ewok or something on Endor? Right tool for the job my friend.

Using the Microsoft stock name MSFT you must have some interest *cough* employee *cough* but anyway, by the time VISTA comes out OSX will have morphed into something that makes MS saying yeah that's what we wanted to do.

(compatibility, convergence, innovation)? Wow you picked all the right buzzwords!!!

XP still much as your poor attempt at pr.

Sorry didn't bite.

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