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ReactOS ReactOS released news today regarding the project's status, recent confusion and future development. The news item is slightly confusing in itself though, but the the gist is this: there is no code inside the ReactOS SVN repository that has been directly pasted from Windows source code. However, it might be that some people had access to Windows source code and used it as inspiration-- these developers should mark their code as 'dangerous', and these sections will then be audited by a 'clean' person. Currently, 15% has been audited and can be declared 'clean'.
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RE: Curious
by Morgul on Wed 22nd Feb 2006 02:05 UTC in reply to "Curious"
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Something needs to be explained here. When they say, "inspired" they have a very important definition. They mean anyone who's seen Microsoft Code, and had it sitting in their mind somewhere when they wrote those same functions for ReactOS. This code isn't merely inspired, it's acidental plagerism, and a copyright violation. Now, if someone sits there, and says, "foobar.dll works by taking a char*, inverting it, and then dividing by six, and comparing that to the required output" and you code a function to do that, you're fine. You never saw the source code, so there's no copyrights violation. See the difference?

Sure there's a small (VERY SMALL) chance that this happened with linux. Should linux be audited? Sure! Why not? Every OS project should be audited.. not just for this, but for other things. Fact is, though, that ReactOS was KNOWN to be in violation, and Linux isn't. So, until someone notices shell32.dll in a linux kernel, there's no outside pressure to audit. For ReactOS there was.

All in all, I've got to say that this situation has been handled brilliantly, and I'm ammazed that they're 15% done with the audit! That's awesome!

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