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Apple "Apple special events are nothing new. The company will send out an invitation, rumor sites will post images of the invite, Mac users everywhere will speculate about what's going to happen and what Apple will announce, and on the day of the event, news sites faithfully report on the special event. Apple has just such an event planned for the last day of February, but with a twist: in invitations sent out to journalists, the company says journalists are invited to 'come see some fun new products from Apple' without giving hints as to what they might be."
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by Jimmy on Wed 22nd Feb 2006 15:06 UTC
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I hate whenever Apple makes an announcement like this because everyone is going to be expecting something big, like the Intel iBooks or Minis, and then Apple lets us down when they just release something like "Spring Time Color iPods"

The way I see it, this "event" is really just an attempt by Apple to get their stock AAPL back up to the $80 range it was a few weeks ago. I will be expecting news about the Intel Mini that I thought was coming back in January, and instead I will get news about a purple iPod.

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