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Apple Apple has updated the iBook/Mini product lines, increasing standard RAM to 512MB on all models. Contrary to many rumors, the new iBooks do not sport widescreen. All iBooks and two of the now three Mac Minis contain AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth. My take: Not a word on better harddrives in the Mini Macs, which is something I personally hoped for.
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RE[2]: mac mini's
by netpython on Wed 27th Jul 2005 16:17 UTC in reply to "RE: mac mini's "
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Durabillity is a strong argument.Indeed considering the prize an i-book isn't to expensive as one might think at first sight.

because the places you should be noticing that bottleneck are places that the iBook isn't designed to go, and yet that's probably the biggest real negative people like to bandy about these days


because the price certainly shouldn't be the core issu.

It isn't.

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