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Legal This is your daily IT Lawsuit News Feeder. Groklaw reports that IBM has subpoenad Microsoft in its enduring legal battle with SCO. IBM is demanding Microsoft delivers all communications between Microsoft and SCO, since June 28th 2002, including conversations Darl McBride may have had with Steve Ballmer. But no worries, that ain't all! IBM, Red Hat, Sun, and Real have filed a complaint with the European Commission because Microsoft unfairly scotches competition. That was your daily IT Lawsuit News Feeder, end transmission.
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RE: good news
by walterbyrd on Wed 22nd Feb 2006 16:15 UTC in reply to "good news"
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>>What could happen if they somehow prove that microsoft backed SCO financially for all those lawsuits?<<

They already know that msft backed scox (not SCO!!) financially. Msft has admitted it. Msft gave scox about $17M directly, and msft arranged the baystar financing.

There is nothing specifically illegal about a third party financing a lawsuit. Unless, you can prove that the third knowingly financed a scam lawsuit. Msft will never admit to having done that, and it would be very difficult to prove otherwise.

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