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OSNews, Generic OSes "What would happen if the beginning of file systems embedded a driver for accessing the disk? If the driver was in some sort of neutral format (similar to the X Windows drivers), then any OS could access the file system! While this concept was exciting in of itself, it didn't even begin to scratch the surface of what was possible. It wasn't long before I considered the fact that a file system is nothing more than a hierarchical database. There's nothing inherently special about it, so why can't the file system payload be replaced with some sort of other data? As long as the embedded driver can read the format and produce some sort of usable data structure, there's no reason why the concept could be extended for all types of data!"
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language based FS
by transputer_guy on Wed 22nd Feb 2006 20:40 UTC
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There must be something in the air, as an end user on several different OSes my gut tells me there is very little really interesting under the hood in most FS in use although I have yet to read up on specifics of the Reiser or BFS designs. The article a few months back on the MS labs OS where everything is a process seems much more promising to me than using this Java idea but there are some nice ideas here too.

At the file system level I want to see the entire directory structure and file descriptions, abstracts or thumbnail of some sort held in memory where they can be searched more or less instantaneously. The problem with File Systems is that they seem to serialize lots of extra things so that for one thing to happen, lots of small files must be continuously fetched 1st. One should never open a directory and see these long pregnant pauses. I would regard my hard disk as a final repositary for a hierarchical database, the indexes should be in ram, the raw app specific file data on disk some cache. The Finder/Explorer/Tracker then looks & feels more like a responsive CAD engine.

I would also like to see every directory, every GUI widget and application described also as a concurrent nested set of processes using C++ syntax this would add ports to the class declaration. Now I can see concurrent apps being much easier to build and compose since they just look like files and directories. Some of this is already here but I like to generalize, I come from a Verilog background. I note that almost every app I use on Windows (but not BeOS) seems to be a database already and has to be written from scratch, reinventing stuff not provided by the OS, Thumbsplus, Winamp come to mind, even OpenOffice.

I know, I know, one can dream or implement

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