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3D News, GL, DirectX "ATI's R5xx line was first released back in October 2005. The initial launch covered the X1800 and X1300 series, with the X1600 series following suit in November. Last month we saw the release of the new X1900 series too. Now, let me count the months from October to February; it is 5 months, right? Well, believe it or not, that's the number of months the new X1000 series is out in the market without Linux support. If you are unfortunate enough to own such a card, all you have is Matthew Tippett's statement in Phoronix."
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RE[2]: Binary compatibility
by antwarrior on Thu 23rd Feb 2006 14:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Binary compatibility"
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"The problem isn't ATI here, but Linux, GCC, and binary compatibility"

I'm sorry but all this stuff about ATI needs some justification to build a decent driver on Linux due to market share is a bit of cop out.

How difficult is it to write good drivers and maintain them? Okay, let's go one further and let's add multiple versions of Linux ?

Nvidia does it why can't ATI ? Somebody give me ONE good reason ?

Nvidia has 2100 employees ,ATI has 3300 employees.
Nvidia has been around since 1993, ATI since 1985
They both have annual revenue of about $2billion

A company with ~1000 more employees,has been around for almost a decade longer seems to have difficulty producing drivers for Linux.It doesn't make sense.

It has nothing to with their company resources or with Linux's deficiencies. It has everything to do with them as a company and how they think internally.

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