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X11, Window Managers David Reveman of Novell shares his thoughts on Xgl, Metacity, and more."I've been getting a lot of mail from people asking me about my thoughts on AIGLX, the GL compositing work being done on Metacity and nVidia's xdevconf paper. Instead of replying to everyone individually, I though I'd send a mail to the Xorg list."
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Yeah, I saw that.. AIGLX sounds good but where is the support? W/O support what good is it? The author might be making an extreme case stating currently nothing supports it but the project might be planning to make it more flexible in the future so more drivers can support it in the future. Or maybe they are extreme nvidia fans?

Dont get me wrong I am a Nvidia customer myself but I wouldn't write something like this if only 1 brand of hardware could utulize it. Either we are missing some more info about AIGLX support plans in the future or Red Hat has decided Nvidia will be the only choice.

Actually, since Nvidia actually makes decent drivers for their products for linux I guess they kind of are the only choice for linux desktop users.

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