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SuSE, openSUSE The 4th beta of OpenSUSE 10.1 has been released. This beta has quite a significant amount of bugs (especially in the installer) so be aware. The OpenSUSE developers somehow refuse to post any release notes, so I cannot tell you whether or not Novell's Xgl and Compiz are included. Update: In the meantime, check this page on how to get Xgl/Compiz running on OpenSUSE. RPMs available, so no compiling required. Happy experimenting.
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Oh dear, filled my partition during install
by rklrkl on Thu 23rd Feb 2006 21:57 UTC
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I had a 6GB partition set up as "/" for this SuSE beta release and I'd selected, apparently, "5.86GB" of packages (and no indication that this was too close to the 6GB for comfort). Went through the 5 CD install, but it barfed mid-way through the 5th CD with a dialogue box warning that disk space was low. I continued and, sure enough, the partition filled up and didn't install about 40 packages.

A good job I can re-use the CD-RW's again :-) Better luck with the forthcoming Beta 5, eh SuSE? I'll try again when that's released...

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