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Apple John Sculley was instrumental in Apple's rise and fall during the late eighties and early nineties. By 1990, Apple was the largest PC manufacturer in the world, but at the same time, the company was hemorrhaging research money. After a power struggle that started almost as soon as Steve Jobs left the company in 1985, he was deposed in favor of his trusted aid, Michael Spindler. Read more.
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re: Gassée Moron
by Hae-Yu on Thu 23rd Feb 2006 22:04 UTC
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Excellent article.

As far as Gassée's character, I would say that's probably accurate.

He may have had success with HP, Apple France, & the Mac II; but after that, his reputation depends solely on those past glories. For 10 years, he had a good run, and the last 20 he's fallen flat.

Under Yocam, his worst impulses (and others') were reigned in. He was excellent as part of THAT team because he had to actually be accountable. For a man with Gassée's insufferable ego, that's an unacceptable situation.

His whole style was to make speeches and let the engineers run amok without any accountability to cost. The engineers approached him with an idea (The Vision), and he threw money at it. He wasn't a visionary. He was a cheerleader.

When Gassée started Be, it was because he once had success in PCs and knew nothing else. "Fine I'll start my own company." Give Sakoman & other engineers credit for the vision. If they had a leader instead of a cheerleader Be might actually have been successful.

Let's look at his last 20 years. Next to Sculley, he is directly responsible for Apple losing to Windows. He's the reason Apples are overpriced as he's the one who insisted on ridiculous profit margins and that mentality has stuck around. Mismanaged Be Inc in the typical "I know nothing about how to run a business" manner that techies did in the 90's. As CEO of PalmSource, Palm is now using Windows and PalmSource is very insecure in its future. His only success was suing MS for having a successful product.

What a brilliant, admirable man. I'm sure really appreciates his business.

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