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Apple Geek Patrol benchmarked a MacBook Pro and a PowerBook G4. Not surprisingly, they concluded: "The MacBook Pro outperformed the PowerBook G4 in almost every benchmark. Since all of the MacBook Pro's baseline scores are over 100, it even outperformed our baseline system, a Power Mac G5 1.6GHz! The only benchmark where the PowerBook G4 outperformed the MacBook Pro, Stdlib Allocate, depends more on library performance than raw hardware performance. If you're upgrading from a PowerBook G4 (or even an early Power Mac G5), you'll certainly notice how much faster the MacBook Pro is, especially with multi-threaded applications."
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RE[2]: This is excellent
by zlynx on Fri 24th Feb 2006 01:44 UTC in reply to "RE: This is excellent"
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Why are multithreaded apps extra good? Because there's a second CPU core. That means double the speed for programs that can use two processing threads. It also means improved responsiveness to the user, since multiple cores mean the system can always give full attention to the user while still getting its work done.

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