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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Ok, this one is just plain scary. "By combining quantum computation and quantum interrogation, scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have found an exotic way of determining an answer to an algorithm - without ever running the algorithm. Using an optical-based quantum computer, a research team led by physicist Paul Kwiat has presented the first demonstration of 'counterfactual computation', inferring information about an answer, even though the computer did not run." The research team published their results in Nature.
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RE: That's not so difficult...
by someone on Fri 24th Feb 2006 13:55 UTC in reply to "That's not so difficult..."
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Please don't bother commenting if you have no idea about the basic principles of Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics is not an ivory-tower science as perceived by most laymen: without it, your classical computers (yes, the one you are staring at right now!) won't even run.

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