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BSD and Darwin derivatives "With the release of Mac OS X for x86 processors, Apple has chosen to not release source to key components of the OS, such as the kernel and all drivers. This means Darwin/x86 is dead in the water; Darwin/ppc has many closed source components and is a deprecated architecture." Read more here.
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RE[2]: thanks
by MysterMask on Sat 25th Feb 2006 13:06 UTC in reply to "RE: thanks"
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that even without Darwin in the future some hacker will figure out how to do it.

Yes. But it should be a lot easier and faster if you can just modify and recompile the source code.

Cracked copies are less interesting if you can only get old versions e. g. when it takes more time to crack a version than Apple needs to release the next few updates or major OS release, the "cracking game" loses some of its appeal ..

It would be nice if those self-appointed "heroes of freedom" would stopp warezing OSX because they only going to hurt regular Apple customers and people interested in open source by forcing Apple to implement protecting schemes or - as we see now - closing their sources.

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