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Qt "Yesterday, I got Qt running on top of the Glib main loop. By using the QAbstractEventDispatcher API, I was able to completely replace the entire event dispatching mechanism of a Qt 4 application with less than 600 lines of code. What does this mean?"
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by michi on Sat 25th Feb 2006 17:40 UTC
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This is great! I am really glad to see all this integration work. First a KDE frontend for beagle and now integration of the glib main loop into KDE.

As far as I understand this, this would make it possible to use gtk/gnome plugins in KDE applications and the other way round. Just imagine that all the plugins from gimp could be used in digikam/krita and the plugins from digikam/krita could be used in gimp. Of course it would require a lot of work to actually make this working and the projects would have to use a common plugin API, but I think the possibility is very nice.

And, as far as I understand, that would in prinicple also make it possible to use kparts in gtk/gnome applications and gparts (which don't exist yet) in KDE applications. A lightwight khtml-based webbrowser for gnome (it could just use the konqueror-kpart) would definitifely be a good idea.

I hope that this really will be used in future Qt releases.

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