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KDE A blog entry by Jure Repinc tells us about some of the new features in KDE 3.5 which according to this schedule isn't quite finished yet. Amongs other things, there will be a Storage Media Notification dialog and some more eye candy in Kicker.
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by Morty on Wed 27th Jul 2005 17:23 UTC in reply to "..."
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Your solutions still forces me to use GPL or to buy a Qt licenses, give me one that's doesn't force me to do any of those.

As always since it's optional (please use a dictonary to learn what the word means) no one forces you to use Qt. If it's to expensive for you get the needed functionality elsevere or write it yourself.

Repeating the same nonsens over and over again only reveal your frustration

A don't forget:

go to and complaine there.

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