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Mac OS X Apple had their pick of kernels when transitioning from OS 9 to OS X, and they chose to create their own kernel based on Mach 3.0. Was that really the best decision or did Apple make a huge mistake? At the time Linux was gaining support and developing rapidly, while development on Mach had pretty much ended two years earlier. This article makes a case for Apple using the Linux kernel in a future version of the Mac OS.
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no way this is going to happen
by hyper on Sun 26th Feb 2006 14:58 UTC
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linux, as kernel, only has one advantage compared to xnu - performance. but mac os x runs just fine and fast on xnu now, so why should they switch? linux changes too fast. apple does not want that. and they do not want gpl either. so... no, no and no. i do not think apple will ever switch :] well, ok maybe they will, but only when i will be more rich than bill gates is right now... so it is impossible :]

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