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Features, Office ActiveWin reviews Office 2007 beta 1, and concludes: "It's an innovative interface yes, but will the benefits outweigh the changes? That's for users to decide. Yes this early code does have glitches and performance issues left to be ironed out; right now the focus is on reliability and stability. The BETA 2 release should provide us with an early glimpse of what's in store in the final product. My personal say is getting used to interface should not be a problem for many since the familiar tools are organized in ways that makes it convenient for the user, and new tools make the interface more intelligent and more aware of what the user is doing, presenting the right tools for the task at hand."
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by Cyberbear on Sun 26th Feb 2006 19:59 UTC in reply to "Question"
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We won't be moving our users to this new version of Office right away. Heck, we are still migrating some (not many) of our users from Office 2000 and 2002 to Office 2003!

We will most likely pick a few areas on our campus to upgrade a little at a time. It will have to wait until my support staff becomes familiar enough with the new version so that they will be able to answer the many questions they will be receiving.

We don't order new machines with Office pre-installed. So, we can choose to migrate whenever we feel it is appropriate.

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