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Features, Office ActiveWin reviews Office 2007 beta 1, and concludes: "It's an innovative interface yes, but will the benefits outweigh the changes? That's for users to decide. Yes this early code does have glitches and performance issues left to be ironed out; right now the focus is on reliability and stability. The BETA 2 release should provide us with an early glimpse of what's in store in the final product. My personal say is getting used to interface should not be a problem for many since the familiar tools are organized in ways that makes it convenient for the user, and new tools make the interface more intelligent and more aware of what the user is doing, presenting the right tools for the task at hand."
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by Jack Matier on Mon 27th Feb 2006 01:06 UTC
Jack Matier
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When I saw how the interface was going to be a few months ago I was actually getting excited because all the tools would be immediately available in the toolbar. It's very much like Adobe InDesign in that way:

Problem is, with this Office 12, there is nothing 'new' in regards to regular text editing that couldn't be found in the toolbar before:

As it is, you can easily change the font-size, font, justification, bulleting, paragraph indenting, colors, font styles and I believe line spacing but I don't have it open in front of me to check. When you look at that screenshot I think the only two new things are making the font bigger/smaller and paragraph borders that are immediately accessible.

Look back on the InDesign screenshot. What I really want is more tools to edit specific elements on my page like specific tilting and font spacing without much hassle. Is that what I'm going to get? Granted OOo doesn't do this well either, it offers basic formatting which makes it passible to make simple documents. But whoever offers these features is a winner.. maybe.

Now the next really serious problem to me is the 'skin'. If it becomes anything like windows media player has I want to be able to disable that skin and you know, have it kind of look like the rest of the operating system? Is that too much to ask? Wasn't microsoft the ones that preach on consistency? I could be wrong though.

What am I missing?
1. It's nice that they will export to .pdf eh.. but I don't like how they won't export to .odf. And if they can't open .odf then I can't really use it because people send me files in that format and I'm gathering quite a collection of them myself. It's like how I can't use Windows Media Player because it wont open my .ogg or .flac files or play my favourite shoutcast streams. [sarcasm]I suppose it's the cost and licensing issues for them.[/end sarcasm]

2. The quick menu bar only seems to make sense to have in word and powerpoint, in excel it takes up too much space for my liking by the looks of it.

*sighs* It is still beta 1 but I hope things shape up. There are some nice features like easier ways to cite things. But overall it's a miss that will probably make me stick with Open Office, despite it's large startup times.

PS. This is my first post on OS NEWS!!!

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