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Features, Office ActiveWin reviews Office 2007 beta 1, and concludes: "It's an innovative interface yes, but will the benefits outweigh the changes? That's for users to decide. Yes this early code does have glitches and performance issues left to be ironed out; right now the focus is on reliability and stability. The BETA 2 release should provide us with an early glimpse of what's in store in the final product. My personal say is getting used to interface should not be a problem for many since the familiar tools are organized in ways that makes it convenient for the user, and new tools make the interface more intelligent and more aware of what the user is doing, presenting the right tools for the task at hand."
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Two other things
by Jack Matier on Mon 27th Feb 2006 01:26 UTC
Jack Matier
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"XPS provides some of the characteristics of PDF, but utilizes the web browser for viewing information."

If they could make it so that you don't need IE7 or IE6 for the viewing information that would be great. Maybe firefox would work? Otherwise this is just another write-off for me.

It's the difference of needing other applications to run certain functions and using other applications to enhance certain functions..

The next thing is the IGX type functionality. Simply put, I like this a lot.

Also knowing that I'll have to use something else on different OS's is not very pleasant. Again, we'll see how things shape up but with the way things are now I don't think it'll be worthy of an upgrade. Even to corperate environments.

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