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Graphics, User Interfaces I used to really like skinning my desktops to make them look like another operating system. I stopped doing that years ago; and not necessarily because I wanted to do something more useful with my time. I stopped doing it because I somehow saw how utterly pointless it was. Why? I'll explain-- using Aston Martins and Jaguars. Yes, it's time for another car analogy, boys and girls. Note: This is this week's Sunday Eve Column.
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Not a matter of similarity
by yiyus on Mon 27th Feb 2006 11:03 UTC
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When I change themes (and/or make them) Im not trying to get a look similar to any other I have seen. Sometimes I want something new, Ive never seen before, and I can fill my screen with stupid things. Sometimes, I want something very, very functional, and very simple and light.
I like to change, and I like to innovate. When I write an E17 theme you can be sure my focus is not to look like CDE.

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