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Windows Although it is still working to finish the code for Windows Vista, Microsoft has reached a decision on which versions of the operating system to offer. Microsoft has settled on six versions, including an Ultimate edition that will combine the best of the company's corporate and consumer features. The company is aiming to have all of the versions ready for launch in the second half of next year.
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I think that what msft wants if for you to pay several times over for the same OS.

You buy a bargin PC with Vista basic, then you find it has been crippled to keep you from doing this or that. For example, you won't be able to load a game you bought unless you upgrade to "ultimate" or whatever. Or your laptop won't connect to the company's domain, because it isn't the business version.

As it is today, practically every version of windows sold is pre-installed OEM. Msft only gets paid once for the OS, and it isn't very much, only about $100. With the new system, msft hopes to make more like $300 for each OS sold.

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