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Microsoft This whitepaper from a RIP vendor summarizes the technology behind Vista's XPS document format [.pdf] and its implementation as a print engine as compared to the current GDI in Windows XP. Will it suffer on non-Microsoft platforms, even if its specifications will be open, and how does it compare in methods and goals to Apple's PDF-based Quartz rendering engine?
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Re: RE[4]: You're missing the point...
by MysterMask on Tue 28th Feb 2006 17:15 UTC
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PDF is support is already available in Office 2007 along with XPS

So why XPS if they already got PDF, hm?

are you scared that maybe XPS might pick up some popularity and start to challenge the strangle hold that PDF has on the electronic document market?!

Yes. PDF is more or less supported on all major OS platforms, XPS ist not. One might not like Adobe, but at least document interchange with PDF works.

Well, XPS is a define standard as well; so why not support it?
What happens when every company starts to define new standards? Standards are needed for interchange. If every OS has its own standards, interchange won't be possible. Simple as that.

MS is the sole player that is not interested in standards and free interchange because their the only ones who are at risk to lose their "strangle hold" on the OS market.

We already had the - MS does their own HTML "standard", Java "standard", Kerberos "standard", SVG "standard" story, etc.

Because it would be pretty obvious that if Microsoft is going to provide Office for Mac OS X, and XPS takes off, consumers will demand a decent level of support for the file format.

Wishful thinking. Ever seen a .NET implementation from MS for a non-MS OS for example? How about the shitty support for WMA / WMV on Macs or any other OS from MS?

Besides, do you know any other company that could force a new standard into the market as MS does? Time to break that monopoly behaviour by simply ignoring "their own standards".

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