posted by Glynser on Wed 13th Aug 2008 07:18
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one thing that always annoys me (not only on this site, also on a couple of others) is that it's always some kind of hassle to find the linked articles, because the small blurbs often don't contain only one underlined word, mostly they contain between 2 and 5 of them. And it's not always easy to spot which one of them is the one that got used for the link.

For longer articles, we already have a nice, bright, orange "Read More"-link. Why not introduce a "Read The Article"-link as well? It wouldn't have to mean omitting the links inside the blurb, of course, but it would be a nice, additional feature for those who are [link]|| ||tired[/link] of [link]||always[/link] having to [link]|| ||find[/link] the [link] ||right[/link] link.
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RE: Wha?
by Kroc on Wed 13th Aug 2008 20:27 UTC
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He means this:

How many green links do you see? Which one is the real article *at a glance*. I've even seen stories where the link to the real article was *not* the first link!

Personally, I'd suggest adding a class so that the link that goes to the article itself is orange instead of green.

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