posted by kaiwai on Wed 10th Sep 2008 22:06
Conversations This has been a shocking week, I've had a look through the comments, looked at the points deducted - and I don't see a single comment I have made to warrant such moderation. Quite frankly, if this keeps up, I'll be leaving. It is getting as pathetic as digg crossed with slashdot because Adam and the likes don't have the backbone to get rid of these 'drive by moderators' who have multiple sock puppets to avoid the moderation rules.

Adam, provide with a contact so that I can eventually get this account deleted - because you my friend need to wake up and do something about this; this used to be my favourite website to visit, back in the good old days when Eugenia was moderating it. Now it is little more than a pathetic cesspool filled with overly sensitive fanboys.
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by Adam S on Thu 11th Sep 2008 12:39 UTC
Adam S
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No matter what one does, there are always a few people who want to moan and groan about moderation. I've read your comments before, and at this point, it's safe to say, I doubt any site will ever make you happy.

But don't personally single me out as though I had ANYTHING to do with your fellow readers wanting to silence you from their conversations. There's only one person to blame for that. There are hundreds of thousands of moderations on this site, and trust is overwhelmingly positive. Your misdirected anger at me as a programmer is indicative of the greater problem here, which is that it must be everyone else who is a problem, right?

We'd always prefer that readers stay here and take part in conversation - it's only fun when people present multiple sides of a debate. But I acknowledge that not everybody can do that without taking it personally. So we'd hate to lose you as a reader. I'd encourage you to lighten up and stop taking yourself and this site so seriously. It's a computer.

However, if you can't simply read and participate and just let it roll off your back when people don't like what you have to say, I'd be all too happy to deactivate your account. The contact information for the OSNews crew is all over the site including in the main navigation bar, so you certainly shouldn't need me to have to provide it specially for you here.

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