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Conversations The recent thread Kroc started about what OSNews should focus on missed an important bit, something that was not mentioned.

If you want OSNews to focus on subject x, submit news on subject x.

It's impossible for us to keep track of everything, and even the subjects that we do track have a severe lack of news. Try and visit the sites of the usual alternative operating systems we report on, and you'll see that many of them have like 1 news item per month, usually even less. If people want us to report more on alternative, small operating system projects than surely, I agree - the problem is, we can't fill OSNews with just that.

There are a lot of alternative projects out there, so go ahead, submit news about them. Make sure you have proper links, and preferably: multiple paragraphs with background info or some history. Strip the marketing blabber.

In the end, OSNews can be heavily influenced by what its readers submit.
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Relatives bought me a copy of Anathem (the new Neal Stephenson novel) for my birthday last month and I've been thinking about doing a review once I'm done, but I'm not sure where to post it. It's quite good so far, although the basic concept reminds me very much of A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Not really "OS News" per se, but Stephenson is pretty well-known in geek circles (being one of the few novelists who both writes about technology and actually knows what he's talking about) - and I would guess there's a fair bit of overlap between OS enthusiasts and fans of speculative fiction/sci-fi.

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