posted by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 10:21
Conversations So, here I am again. It is, how many years since this moderation system was created? And how many zillion times I have complained?

But basically the problem is still there, identical.
You don't get modded down because of one of the "legal" reasons, but because some A$$hole doesn't like your opinion.
Let's see the latest instance:

What is wrong with that? Is it trolling? Hardly, unless I am not allowed to say that I regret the rebranding of Firefox and Thunderbird and the disappearance of Seamonkey.
Is it off-offtopic? I can't see how.
Is it inaccurate? Again, I don't see how, considering that I am expressing only an opinion.

Or is it maybe that some *buntu kid can't stand me me calling Debian "the top distro, bar none"?

Whatever the explanation, the moderation system still gets abused.
No wonder when some people have less than 50% positive moderations.
For those who don't care to read my profile, mine is 85%.
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RE: Comment by averycfay
by Anonymous Penguin on Fri 6th Mar 2009 06:27 UTC
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I don't think they will change the moderation system, but any system that allows down votes inevitably turns into "i agree" or "i disagree" votes. If I were to design a moderation system, I would probably only allow up votes and have a report abuse link that would flag the post for an editor to look at.

That is also a good idea and it has been another suggestion of mine all along.

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