posted by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 3rd Mar 2009 10:21
Conversations So, here I am again. It is, how many years since this moderation system was created? And how many zillion times I have complained?

But basically the problem is still there, identical.
You don't get modded down because of one of the "legal" reasons, but because some A$$hole doesn't like your opinion.
Let's see the latest instance:

What is wrong with that? Is it trolling? Hardly, unless I am not allowed to say that I regret the rebranding of Firefox and Thunderbird and the disappearance of Seamonkey.
Is it off-offtopic? I can't see how.
Is it inaccurate? Again, I don't see how, considering that I am expressing only an opinion.

Or is it maybe that some *buntu kid can't stand me me calling Debian "the top distro, bar none"?

Whatever the explanation, the moderation system still gets abused.
No wonder when some people have less than 50% positive moderations.
For those who don't care to read my profile, mine is 85%.
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RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai
by Adam S on Mon 9th Mar 2009 11:19 UTC
Adam S
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The funny thing is, when I saw you replied, I intended to leave a comment apologizing for being harsh when you had "come around," so to speak, but Thom nailed it. GET OVER IT.

The mod system does what we ask it to do perfectly, yet a few people are SO focused on each individual vote and appear to be unable to understand large numbers. In fact, it actually makes me laugh that anyone would suggest they have cut their entire use of the site for fear of the other users recklessly modding them. Puh-lease.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of mod points applied regularly, each individual one is meaningless. Do you think the one insignificant mod makes any difference at all? It's hilarious to me that the people who grouse the loudest are generally people with high trust. It's like you can't stand to be average: anything that threatens your ability to speak loudest amongst your peers is a personal offense.

Forget any apology - your problem isn't poor moderation (which does exist in small numbers from time to time), it's that you are unable to process that the mod system is about presenting a certain experience to our readers, and in that respect, it succeeds wildly.

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