posted by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 31st Mar 2009 15:32
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I want to know what you guys consider to be the best KDE distribution. I want an up-to-date, well-implemented KDE 4.2. I'm sick of all those half-assed attempts at a decent KDE desktop these days.

Oh, and please no distributions only used by three men and a cow. And I'm using an NVIDIA card, so it has to have the latest NVIDIA driver, easily installable.

Fire away.
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Tough requirements just now
by lemur2 on Thu 2nd Apr 2009 02:08 UTC
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(1) the best KDE distribution.
(2) an up-to-date, well-implemented KDE 4.2.
(3) distribution not only used by three men and a cow.
(4) it has to have the latest NVIDIA driver, easily installable.

This is a tough ask. AFAIK, there have been as yet NO mainstream KDE distributions released since KDE 4.2 became available.

Mandriva 2009.1, Fedora 11 and Kubuntu 9.04 are all due to include KDE 4.2, and hence will be up-to-date, but at this stage I wouldn't yet call any of them "well-implemented".

I recently tried the Kubuntu 9.04 beta release, and it wouldn't install properly. Exactly the same story for Fedora 11 beta.

So I myself have gone for Arch Linux, because it has a "rolling release" policy, so it is up-to-date.

In order to get Arch easily installed with KDE 4.2, I used the experimental Chakra project installer, found here:

It works, but it has some "gotchas", as this installer is still only alpha software. I would recommend NOT using the "find the best repository" option, but rather manually choosing a mirror yourself after install. Be wary of the ext4 filesystem with KDE4 ... not (yet) recommended. The CD/USB installation images are a little behind the times, so if you update to current after installing there is an initial large download to bring the system up to date.

Arch is a pretty "cutting edge" distribution, and as a consequence it lacks some polish. Be prepared to spend some time reading on the Arch forums and in the command line if you want to set it up really nice. It is not a mainstream distribution by any means, but I think it does perhaps meet your "more users than three men and a cow" requirement.

It is worth the effort though. It is blazingly fast.

Your mileage may vary. This distribution very well might not be what you are looking for. It certainly isn't for everyone.

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